Are you considering a videographer for your next event?

Here’s some important things to consider.

      1. Pricing – Ask them to view their all of their prices up front. I know this is likely the most obvious, but make sure there are no hidden cost. Videographers typically charge a flat rate based on an amount of time. They may also offer packages which include additional services. Even if you’re just buying a standard package, it’s important to run through what’s included and what is not.
      2. Equipment РDo they have the latest and best equipment?  Some videographers have been around a long time. They may be very established but also stuck in their old ways. The high-definition  / 4K video cameras on the market these days are worlds ahead of those even from a few years ago. The technology has come a long, make sure your videographer has kept up with the times.
      3. Music – Make sure they have access to the music you want and are willing to put the music you want with the footage they shoot.
      4. Flexible and Friendly – Are they easy to work with? When asking your questions before hiring are they accessible and eager to help. You can usually get a good feel for someone after they answer a few questions during the pre-purchase process. They will likely be interacting with guests at your event so having someone you can trust will be professional and good to work is very important as it can be a reflection on you.
      5. Schedule – How long will they be hired for to shoot the footage and what is their turnaround time for finished product after post-production is finished?
      6. Backups – How do they backup their footage? Digital video is great and the industry standard. However, it is easily lost if it is not backed up. Ask what their policy is for backing up your precious event footage.
      7. Testimonials – Can you see their testimonials? Can you review their work online?

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