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Terms of Use

Thank you for reading our Terms of Use.

Anyone using this site is responsible for knowing, agreeing to, and understanding the latest and most current Terms of Use and conditions of this site as listed on this page. Questions should be directed to support@talentedeventprofessionals.com.

How It Works

Our goal is to bring together Talented Event Professionals with event coordinators and people who are looking for the best quality, the best prices, and a variety of options while saving everyone time and money in the process.

We only choose Talented Event Professionals that are established businesses and service providers who we have either worked directly with or can provide references and information to support their credentials and professionalism.

There is no cost to use this website to get quotes and there is no cost to our roster of event professionals to be a part of this website. We do ask that all of our event professionals give some kind of special offering or discount to those using this site as a courtesy to be a part of this website at no charge.

There is no obligation to get and receive quotes.

The only cost would be a referral fee from the service provider to Talented Event Professionals if and when a sale results from use of this website.

In a nut shell –¬†Everything is free about this site, unless a purchase is made. Our TEPs Pay only 5% of the Gross Total if a purchase is made based on this site.

Our talented event professionals will pay Talented Event Professionals 5% of the total cost of the agreed goods or services per event unless the TEPS purchase a partnership agreement where the % referral fee is lower.

If the event professional is hired again after the first event, the referral fee is the same each time even if this site is not used after. In other words, if a client has a repeating customer that they initially found on this site, they will pay the referral fee each time a sale is made.

We ask that you pay the referral fee at the moment the deposit is paid – same day if possible. If no deposit is paid, then the event professional will agree to pay when the customer pays in full. All money must be paid within 7 days of the customer paying the deposit or paying in full. If this is an issue, please communicate with us and we will consider an extension if necessary.

We will follow up on all submissions. We ask all of our TEPs be professional, honest, and truthful with all events and payments.

The link for all payments will be sent to each member of our Talented Event Professional roster.

Failure to pay within 30 days of locking in TEP with agreement will result in late fees, being removed from this site, and possible legal action.


We require that anyone making an agreement via this website must have a contract / agreement directly with the talented event professionals directly that would hold up in a court of law.

We are not responsible for any terms or details related to the contract. Talented Event Professional is NOT involved in any contracts, we are a referral service only.

The agreements for your events are between the event professional and the person(s) having the event and no one else. We are not responsible for any terms of any agreements made.

Referral Service Only

This website is a referral service only. All rights reserved and all information on these pages belongs to Talented Event Professionals. Any use of this information outside of this website and the quotes that are given is prohibited.

Talented Event Professionals, Kevin McCarthy, his family, the employees, or anyone involved with this site does not represent the specific businesses and service providers on this site and assumes no liability for anyone who does not fulfill their end of the contract, fail to offer their service, fail to pay for the service and / or any other damages that occur as result of making a contract or agreement through the use of this site. All contracts and agreements are made directly between the event professional and the customer and Talented Event Professionals is not at all responsible for any outcomes involved in the use of this website.

Anyone who uses this site for any purpose understands and agrees that Talented Event Professionals, Kevin McCarthy, his family, or anyone involved with this site is not liable or responsible for any outcomes related to this site and agrees not to, under any circumstances, bring any legal action for or to anyone involved with this website.

Anyone who uses this website agrees to use this website at their own risk. It is to be used only as a way to either help someone planning an event or an event professional.

Event professionals using this site agree to provide honest, factual information, not only to become a part of this site, but to the people who are looking for quotes as well.

People looking for talented event professionals agree not to share the quotes or information with anyone else.

Talented event professionals agree not to harass potential customers with multiple e-mails and phone calls. Follow up is obviously permitted as long as it is done in a professional manner. No initial e-mail quotes are allowed after 7 days of receiving the first quote form information.