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Important: Anyone using this site and receiving quotes is responsible for knowing, agreeing to, and understanding the latest and most current Terms of Service and conditions of this site as listed on this page. Questions should be directed to

Please note – starting June 1, 2021, as way to help businesses post-pandemic, the referral fee for all TEPs has been lowered to 7% until further notice.



Clients – Our clients have events and are looking for TEPs through our website.

Partners – Our partnering TEPs are talented event professionals who partner with us and offer their services to our clients.

Mission – Our mission is to bring together Talented Event Professionals with people who are organizing events.  We work with people who are looking for the best quality, the best prices, and a variety of options while saving everyone time and money in the process.

We only choose Talented Event Professionals that are established businesses and service providers who we have either worked directly with or can provide references and information to support their credentials and professionalism.

Cost – Our clients never pay for this service! There is no cost for our clients use this website, to fill out the form, or to receive quotes. 

No Obligation – There is no obligation to purchase when you get and receive quotes.

Insurance – All of our TEPs are fully insured. This is an important perk of using TEP as most venues now want everyone working at your event to be insured. We will also add venues as additional insured if they require this as well.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER We (TEP) are not responsible for the agreements that are made between our TEP and our clients. Anyone using this site agrees not to hold anyone involved with this site, including the site founders, workers, or their families responsible or liable for any problem that may arise during the process of using this site and/or events that are booked through this site.


For Our Partnering TEPs

Our TEPs pay a small percentage of the total cost of the agreed goods or services per event.

When do our partners pay? – Our partners only pay when they are booked for an event from from the use of this website by our clients.

How much do our partners pay? –  If you are booked for an event through this TEP website, we ask that you please send 10% of the total gross amount with 30 days of the event date. The amount is 7% if you are exclusive with TEP. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming exclusive.  The only exceptions are wedding planners and venues. They will be notified the amount directly.

**Please note – starting June 1, 2021, as way to help businesses post-pandemic, the referral fee for all TEPs has been lowered to 7% until further notice.

Repeat Business? – If the event professional is hired again after the first event, the referral fee is the same each time, even if this site is not used after. In other words, if a client has a repeating customer that they initially found on this site, they will pay the referral fee each time a sale is made.

When is the money due? – All money must be paid within 30 days of the event date. If this is an issue, please contact us ASAP at

What if a partner does not pay within 30 days of the event? – Failure to pay within 30 days will result in an additional 2% per month. If no payment is received with 120 days that business will be automatically removed from the site, will not receive future quotes, and will face possible legal action.

How will you know if we booked the event through you? We will follow up on all submissions. We ask all of our TEPs be professional, honest, and truthful with all events and payments.

What if I never signed the “Join Us” form, do I still have to pay the referral fee? – Yes, if you are receiving quotes, you must pay the referral fee if you are booked through the event through TEP.  If you don’t want to receive quotes, that is completely fine but you must opt out.

What if I don’t want to receive quotes anymore?  You can easily “opt out” by contacting us at –

Insurance – If our partners do not have insurance, they can be covered under our insurance for the events booked through our TEP website.

Please see out FAQ section for more information.   Thank you for being a part of TEP!