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Payment Page for TEPs


Thank you for partnering with us!


Payment FAQs


  1. It is free for clients to fill out our form and look for TEPs. It is free to get leads as a TEP who has partnered with us!
  2. We are ONLY paid when a client locks in our TEP for their event and pays for your service!  The TEP will then pay us a small percentage based on their level of partnership with us.
  3. If you are a TEP and would like to look at partnership options, please click here.
  4. We are different from other sites, so we want to make sure there is no confusion. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our payment structure or partnership options –


There are two ways to make a payment.


  1. If you use Paypal – you can send money via e-mail directly to
  2. If you do not use Paypal – you submit your payment via credit card through our secure Paypal portal.

Please click on Pay Now button below to submit payment


Thank you for your payment and we look forward to helping you book your next event!