This payment page is for our TEPs.

Payment FAQs

  1. Thank you for partnering with us! – Our clients work with us when they are having events. Our TEPs offer their sevices for their events.
  2. Low Fee – We have a huge variety of TEPs partnering with us for a number of reason, but one of the biggest is the we only charge 7% or 10% while others charge 15% or more… we are up to more than 1/2 of what other companies charge. Plus, there are no up-front fees or costs per lead.  The fee is only 7% if you are exclusive with us and do not use any other service or agency. The fee is only 10% if you work with other companies.
  3. Free for our clients – If you are using this site to find TEPs, there is no cost for you to fill out the form, use this site, and work with us!
  4. Payments to us are only made by our TEPs –  Only our TEPs pay us if a client purchases their services using this site.
  5. There is no charge until a transaction takes place. – We are ONLY paid when a client locks in our TEP for their event and pays for the service!  The TEP will then pay us a small percentage based on their level of partnership with us.
  6. Partnership Options – If you are a TEP and would like to look at our partnership options, please click here.
  7. Unique – We are different from other sites, so we want to make sure there is no confusion. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our payment structure or partnership options –

There are two ways to make a payment.

  1. If you use Paypal – you can send money via e-mail directly to
  2. If you do not use Paypal – you can still submit your payment via credit card through our secure Paypal portal.

Please click on Pay Now button below to submit payment

Thank you for your payment and we look forward to helping you book your next event!