This payment page is for our TEPs.

Payment FAQs

  1. No upfront cost! – Did you know there is no cost to join us?  Others charge to partner with them, be on their website, and/or receive leads. We don’t.
  2. No charge to receive leads – There is no cost or risk to receive leads and partner with us.
  3. Only pay a referral fee if a transaction takes place. – You pay a small fee ONLY if you are chosen for an event from our leads, you are paid for the event, AND a transaction takes place! There are no hidden or additional fees.
  4. Low fees! – The fee is only 7% if you are exclusive with us or 10% if you are not exclusive – which is less than 1/2 of what others charge! Most charge 15% or more.  Exclusive simply means you don’t work with any other booking agencies.
  5. How to pay? – Simple – once you are paid, you pay the fee here.  It is due within 30 days of the event.
  6. Sample – If you get $500 for an event, the fee would be $35 if you are exclusive with TEP.  $50 if you are not exclusive.

There are two ways to make a payment.

  1. If you use Paypal – you can send money via e-mail directly to
  2. If you do not use Paypal – you can still submit your payment via credit card through our secure Paypal portal.

Please click on Pay Now button below to submit payment

Thank you for your payment and we look forward to helping you book your next event!