Musicians to set the mood…

We have over 200 bands, solo acts, duos, trios, musicians, etc.!

Live musicians can turn an ordinary event into a concert! Our passionate and talented musicians have years of experience and can play the right song for the right vibe and time of the night.

We have a large variety of musicians we work with!  We will personalize your musical tastes, event ideas, and are committed to helping you customize the music for your event! We have musicians to fit just about every kind of even and every kind of vibe from mellow, jazz, rock, alternative, original, party, etc.  Just tell us what you are looking for and find the right bands that fits.

If you choose a TEP musician, you can utilize our state-of-the-art online planning system which allows you to begin planning your event from the moment you book the event. You will have 24/7 access to plan your event on your own. This includes a personalized and password-protected planning portal to make notes, outline all details, and have a place to put all song requests. Hear a song on the radio and you want that for your event? You can log in to your planning area and put it on your request list right away so you don’t forget. Please make sure to contact your musician to ensure they can perform your requests. If not, some musicians will “DJ” your song(s) in between sets. If they do not provide this, you may need to contact musicians.

Please contact us to access your online planning system.

Choosing more than one musician – you can choose more than one type of musician/band in the form below if you want to consider a variety of different bands for your event.

What to consider when looking for musicians:

  • Personalized playlists – will they allow for your choose the music ahead of time.
  • “DO NOT” playlists – will they allow to give them a list of songs you do not want played.
  • Online planning – 24/7 access – do they offer this?  If not, please contact TEP as we do.
  • Requests – will they take request if asked?
  • Equipment – will they bring their own equipment and do they have enough for the location of the event?

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There is no cost or obligation to submit this form. After submitting, you will receive quotes from TEPs in the categories your chose above. You can then choose the TEPs that fit your event and budget. If for some reason you don’t find what you are looking for, or you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page.  We’re here to help. Thank you for working with us!