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How it Works & FAQs


Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in Talented Event Professionals!

We are excited about our service and we look forward to working with you, whether you are a client or a partnering TEP business, as we continue expanding throughout the USA!


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients a fast and easy way to book all types of Talented Event Professionals.


The Goal

Our main goal is to help people having an event find the best TEPs quickly and help our TEPs develop and grow their businesses by offering to partner with us at no charge.



TEP – Talented Event Professionals

TEP – Our Clients – People who utilize our event referral service by filling out our form.

TEP – Our Partners – Talented Event Professionals who partner with us that offer event services in your area.


How It Works For Our Clients

1. If you are having / planning an event, you fill out the form.
2. You choose what you are looking for and submit form.
3. The TEPs that fit the categories you chose will contact you directly with quotes based on your information.
4. If you are interested in having our TEPs for your event, you can respond to their quotes directly.
5. If you choose a TEP from the quote, our TEP pays a 10% referral fee and you confirm the TEPs you choose.


1. Our clients fill out one form and receive multiple quotes.
2. Our partnering TEP businesses are those who are looking to offer their services to our clients.
3. This service will always be free for our clients and free for our partnering TEPs.
4. We do have additional partnering TEP paid options but they are not required, only if our TEP partners are interested in lowering the referral fee. We always want to offer a free option.
5. This service helps keep the cost down for our clients because there are no upfront fee requirements for our TEPs.
6. For our TEPs, this does NOT interfere with marketing because our TEPS will NOT be listed on our site. We don’t currently list anyone on our site.
7. We partner with all types and kinds of businesses. For example, if you are searching for hotels,  you can search 2-star to 5-star hotels – sometimes you may want the 5-star, 2-star, or other depending on many factors.  You may choose to have 5-star “everything”!  That is completely fine!  However, some of our clients prefer choices depending on price, quality, etc…


Why the name Talented Event Professionals?

We are also committed to the mission that the name Talented Event Professionals (and initials – “TEP”) – becomes what is associated with the best event professionals all over the USA! (TEPs are professional business people who are often called vendors. We have nothing against vendors!  However, we feel vendors have hot dogs stands and TEPs are qualified business professionals who offer important services for events.).


You are planning an event, but you are busy! 

We are here to help!   

(Homepage FAQ Information)

Who:  We are Talented Event Professionals!  (Our Home page defaults to our Western New York location – see our main menu for other locations throughout the USA!).

What: We have developed a better, faster way to find and book talented event professionals. We are a one-stop referral service!

Why: We have developed this site to help save you time, money and hassle of trying to find, track down, and book talented event professionals. This is a quick way of getting a number of quotes fast from TEPs you may not have even known existed!

Where: We are now available in various areas throughout the USA!  We first launched to the serve the 7 counties of Western New York, however the concept is growing across the country!

Similar to: Expedia, Lending Tree, Priceline – One Form – Multiple Price Quotes!  There is no obligation to buy!

Cost: It’s completely free to use this service! You pay nothing to us ever! We are paid a small percentage by our TEPs only for events that are booked! There is no obligation at any time. It is free for our TEPs as well, besides referral fee if a purchase is made, so it’s likely you won’t them anywhere else!

Charity: A portion of our proceeds supports Inner-City & Rural Youth Sports Programs in low income areas across the USA – 100% of the money we donate goes directly to benefit these programs.

How TEP Works: – You first fill out the main form. TEPs that fit what you are looking for get notified immediately depending on your responses. TEPs will contact you asap, you get multiple price quotes and then you choose your TEPs! With one form and a few clicks you can receive quotes from a variety of businesses all at once! When you decide what you want, you contact the TEPs directly and work out all details! You decide on what you want & book the ones you want. If they don’t fit what you want, you don’t have to book – that is not a problem! You have nothing to lose! This will give you more options and save you time, money, effort and hassle!

Solution:  We have TEPs from a huge variety of places, disciplines, and backgrounds! We have something for just about any event you can think of! Many of these TEPs you likely would have never found otherwise! We have a state-of-art concept for finding TEPs from all over the USA! You will NOT have to research, decide, contact, call, and / or e-mail each business individually for everything you need. Then, hopefully eventually hear back from them! This can be incredibly time-consuming and can be frustrating trying to track people down and get the information you need, check their availability, prices, packages.  With TEP you simply will have more and better choices.

Safe: We will not use or sell your information to anyone! We will only pass along information on your event to our TEPs! The TEPs are not allowed to hound you, if they do, they will be removed from the site.

Thanks again!: On behalf of everyone involved with TEP, we want to say thank you for allowing us to serve you! if you have any questions at any time please e-mail us –