What is Talented Event Professionals?  2020-06-13T14:48:35+00:00

We help people find the best Talented Event Professionals for their next event.

How does TEP work?2021-06-03T21:14:52+00:00

We help you find more TEPs faster using our state-of-the-art technology.

  1. Fill out form – If you are hosting / planning an event, you fill out the form above.
  2. TEPs get your info & respond – The TEPs that fit your categories will contact you directly with quotes based on your information.
  3. You choose your TEPs – If you are interested in having our TEPs for your event, you can respond to their quotes directly. If you choose a TEP from the quote, you book and confirm the TEPs you choose. Our TEPs then pay a small referral fee only when a transaction takes place. Because there are no upfront costs, this approach gives you access to over a 1000 TEPs!
TEP Definitions2021-06-03T18:35:34+00:00

TEP – Talented Event Professionals

TEP – Our Clients – People who are having events that work with us directly and / or utilize our event referral service by filling out our form.

TEP – Our Partners – Talented Event Professionals who partner with us that offer event services in your area.

How much does it cost to use this TEP site?2020-07-07T15:36:16+00:00

Is it really free?    YES!

It is free to use this site and work with us! It is free to fill out our form and receive quotes. Fill out the form as often as you wish! There is no obligation to use any of the TEPs and quotes you receive. You choose only those TEPs that you want.

We have a large variety of TEPs because there is no cost to partner with us with us. Our TEPs are charged a small fee ONLY if you choose them for your event.

So, you are never charged!

Most similar companies have a few people working for them and have one set price for their services. We have over 400 TEPs with a variety of pricing and packages so you get a big variety of TEPs for every size and budget.


To explain further….

  • Our Clients who use this site – There is no cost to use this site!  There is no cost for you to fill out the form and receive quotes. There is no obligation to choose any of our TEPs. Choose only those TEPs that fit your event.
  • Our TEPs who partner with us – There is no cost for our Talented Event Professionals (TEPs) to partner with us!   There is no cost for our TEPs to be on this website.
  • Our TEPs who partner with us – Our TEPs are charged a small fee ONLY if a person who fills out the form chooses one of our TEPs and a transaction takes place.
  • Fill out as often as you like! – If you fill out the form and receive quotes but do not choose any of of our TEPs, there is no charge! You may fill out the form as often as you like at no cost!
What is the reason and history behind the concept of “One Form, Multiple Quotes?”2020-06-13T17:57:38+00:00

The TEP Idea: In 2010, Kevin McCarthy was booking a holiday vacation for his family when he realized how easy it is to book flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. online. He realized you can fill out one form and within a few clicks have a variety of choices based on your needs – competitive pricing, various options, etc.  As a professional entertainer, booking agent, and TEP himself for over 20 years, he provides a variety of event services. At that time, he was also very busy with a variety of shows including weddings, holiday events, company events, and school shows working directly with a wide variety of clients.

As he was going through the steps of booking services for his vacation, he realized that there is nothing like this online for events or event professionals. If you search event professionals, each individually, you can book events and services online directly and there are agencies that book events and services. However, for events, the process is still very time-consuming and basically still done the old-fashioned way: search separately for what you want – and then decide to book individually what you want.

One Form – Multiple Quotes!

  • Fill out one form and receive multiple quotes from a variety of TEPs save you time and money!
  • The TEPs will only respond if they are available for your date and have what you are looking for! – Saving you time and hassle.
  • You choose only the TEPs you want – if any! There is never any cost obligation to fill out form and receive quotes. Fill out the form as often as you’d like!
  • Most companies have a few people working for them and have one set price. We have over 400 TEPs with a variety of pricing and packages so you get a big variety of TEPs for every size and budget.
  • Many TEPs are not listed on any other site because there is a large fee associated with it and/or they charge a large referral fee. It’s free for you fill out the form and receive quotes and it’s free for our parterning TEPs to receive your information and send you quotes. This means you have a much bigger pool of TEPs to choose from!
  • We charge our TEPs a small referral fee ONLY if our TEPs are chosen for your event through this website.  You will never be charged. In other words, our clients – those having events and filing out the form, will never be charged. Also, all of our TEPs are fully insured – with coverage for both the TEP and the venue!
Why work with us?  What makes TEP unique?2021-06-03T18:37:46+00:00

We pride ourselves on our unique approach, experience, our large variety of TEPs, and our outstanding and fast customer service.

  • Our clients are never charged to use our service, receive quotes, and book TEPs.
  • We’ll quickly match you with the best TEPs we can find to help make your event the best it can be saving you time and money.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to automatically get your event information to a variety TEPs so you can then get quotes from TEPs ASAP!  You first fill out the form and decide how you want to be contacted, and then you receive quotes from TEPs for your event. You then choose only the TEPs you are interested in. There is always no cost or obligation to receive quotes.
  • Because we have such a large selection of TEPs, filling out one form to receive multiple quotes will save you time and money!
  • We have the best and the most TEPs in the area because there is no charge to partner with us. Our TEPs pay a small referral fee only if someone hires them from this site. We don’t charge up front to partner with us which saves our partners upfront cost.
  • We have a large variety of TEPs because our referral fee is up to less than 1/2 than similar businesses charge. The fee is only when a transaction takes place.

What really sets us apart is you can choose how to you want to work with us…

  • One Form – Multiple Quotes – You can fill out this TEP Form and receive multiple quotes from a variety of TEPs fast.
  • You can call or text us directly – (716) 472-7700  – or you can e-mail us – booking@talentedeventprofessionals.com – and we’ll help you put together a great event!
What is the history of  TEP? 2020-07-07T15:42:58+00:00

Our founder, Kevin McCarthy, has been involved in performing and booking events for over 35 years. In 1985, he began performing for events as the lead singer of Outlet. While in college, he formed an original band with his brother and was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2009 as a founding member. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved in the booking, promoting, and marketing of his shows. He has performed for just about every type of event you can imagine since 1985! In the mid-1990s, Kevin began his solo career performing for all types of events – including weddings, company events, schools, private parties, etc. It became his full-time career in 1998. In 1999, Kevin McCarthy started McCarthy Entertainment which provided a variety of entertainment services throughout Western New York. This includes booking all of the entertainment at a busy downtown Western New York club for almost 20 years (with over 70 bands in headlining rotation and 5 sound guys). He is also the event booking manager for a cultural and heritage center in South Buffalo, New York. In addition, he has booked a number of event professionals including bands, musicians, face painters, DJs etc. In 2010, Talented Event Professionals (TEP) was born! Kevin then decided to merge McCarthy Entertainment with TEP. TEP has grown steadily throughout the years and is currently primed for critical mass. Big expansion plans are in the works for the upcoming years!

Why don’t you list prices?2020-06-13T16:26:50+00:00

The prices of our TEPs vary depending on several factors. Our services are unique because our TEPs come to you. Once they receive your information they will contact you. They will only contact you if they are available and fit what you are looking for. You can then choose the best TEPs based on your needs.

Insurance FAQs – are all of our TEPs insured?2022-01-07T19:48:06+00:00

YES!  – All of our TEPs that are booked through this website will have insurance coverage!

  • Our TEPs who have their own insurance, they will be covered under their insurance.
  • Our TEPs that do not have their own insurance, they will be covered under our insurance!

Most venues want TEPs to have insurance and will insist on additional insured certificate

Our insurance also covers the venue as well and we will add a venue to our additional insured certificate by request.

To request an additional insured certificate:

For our TEPs – Please e-mail support@talentedeventprofessionals.com with the following information…

  • Your: name, company name, member number, email address
  • Venue: name and address

Insurance Highlights

  • Association benefit of master policy pricing, all quotes are annual premiums
  • Individual general liability limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Higher limits may be available if needed
  • Venues are automatically included as additional insureds
  • Liability coverage is extended to include business offices and most home offices
  • Insurance carrier is rated “A++” (Superior) and has a financial strength rating of XV ($2 Billion or greater) by A.M. Best Company and specializes in program business

Most venues now require insurance.

One of the many perks of partnering with TEP is all our events we book cover our TEPs that do not have insurance. If you are a TEP and don’t have insurance yourself, you will now have insurance for any event booked through us! You do not have to be exclusive with TEP to enjoy this benefit. If you decide be exclusive with TEP, you can decide to have all your events booked through us,  soyou then will always be insured and can save $ on needing your own liability insurance!

Important notes about TEP Insurance

  • If you have more than 5 TEPs for one event, please contact me as we will have to increase our insurance policy for this event.
  • The insurance provided is limited liability insurance and does NOT cover equipment.
  • Please contact us with specific questions on insurance – support@talentedeventprofessionals.com.
What is TEPs mission? 2020-07-07T15:52:23+00:00

Our mission is to help people who are having events find a variety of Talented Event Professionals (TEPs) and save them time, money, effort, and stress in the process. We also want to give our partnering TEPs the opportunity to offer their goods and services at a lower cost to our clients.

How does the TEP payment work? Who pays and how much?2020-07-07T15:54:18+00:00

Payment FAQ for TEPs 

Our Clients and Our PartnersOur clients work with us when they are having events to help them find TEPs. Our TEPs offer their services for our clients for their events.

For our Clients

  • Our clients are those people who use this site to receive multiple quotes from various TEPs.
  • Free for our clients – If you are a client, using this site to find TEPs, there is no cost for you to fill out the form, use this site, and work with us!
  • Why work with us?  – Many our TEPs can’t justify or afford the high cost of using agents, agencies, to be listed on sites, advertising, etc. Our TEPs are not charged any fees to partner with us, so our clients benefit from the big variety of TEPs we can offer and our TEPs benefit from the additional prospects of new clients.

For our partnering TEPs

  • No upfront cost! – Did you know there is no cost to join us?  Others charge to partner with them, be on their website, and/or receive leads. We don’t.
  • No charge to receive leads – There is no cost or risk to receive leads and partner with us.
  • Only pay a referral fee if a transaction takes place. – You pay a small fee ONLY if you are chosen for an event from our leads, you are paid for the event, AND a transaction takes place! There are no hidden or additional fees.
  • Low fees! – The fee is only 7% if you are exclusive with us or 10% if you are not exclusive – which is less than 1/2 of what others charge! Most charge 15% or more.  Exclusive simply means you don’t work with any other booking agencies.
  • How to pay? – Simple – once you are paid, you pay the fee here. https://talentedeventprofessionals.com/payment-page.  It is due within 30 days of the event.
  • Sample – If you get $500 for an event, the fee would be $35 if you are exclusive with TEP.  $50 if you are not exclusive.
  • Insurance – We’ve got you covered. When you book through us, if you don’t have liability insurance, you will be covered under our insurance. (Please contact us for details). If you do not have your own insurance, you will now have insurance with any event booked through TEP.   If you’d like to book additional events through TEP to receive the insurance coverage please contact us for more details. Many venues want an “Additional Insured” rider. Yes, we can supply this as well with our insurance!
  • Unique – We are different from other sites, so we want to make sure there is no confusion. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our fee structure or partnership options – support@talentedeventprofessionals.com.
What is the reason behind the TEP name?2020-06-13T16:31:11+00:00

As an event professional himself, our founder understands many TEPs are often considered “vendors”. Any event professional who has sat at the “vendor table” in another room at a wedding, eating cold subs and chips, can relate to this. Kevin felt it was important to come up with a name that exemplifies event professionals and their talents. Talented Event Professionals explains exactly what he wanted this business to be about.

Additional FAQs regarding how TEP works.2020-06-13T18:23:57+00:00
  • Our clients fill out one form and receive multiple quotes.
  • Our partnering TEP businesses are those who are looking to offer their services to our clients.
  • This service will always be free for our clients and free for our partnering TEPs.
  • This service helps keep the cost down for our clients because there are no upfront fee requirements for our TEPs.
  • For our partnering TEPs, partnering with us does NOT interfere with marketing because our TEPS will NOT be listed on our site.
  • We partner with all types and kinds of businesses of varies levels, experience, and pricing. For example, if you are searching for hotels,  you can search 2-star to 5-star hotels – sometimes you may want the 5-star, 2-star, or other depending on many factors.  You may choose to have 5-star “everything”!  That is completely fine!  However, some of our clients prefer choices depending on price, quality, etc.
How do I join if I have a talent or service and I would like to be a part of TEP?2020-06-13T17:54:14+00:00

We are always looking to expand. We consider all applicants. If you are a talented event professional, please click here and fill out the form. We will respond to you asap!


How soon will I receive quotes from TEPs?2020-06-13T16:33:29+00:00

We have asked our TEPs to respond to your quotes ASAP. If you don’t hear from any within 48 hours, please let us know.

Will you sell or share my personal information? 2020-06-13T16:47:12+00:00

NEVER – Your information is safe with us!  We will share the information you provide only to the TEPs you are interested in.

What if I don’t receive multiple / any quotes after filling out the form?2019-11-21T14:26:40+00:00

Please make sure you filled the form out correctly and submitted it properly by clicking the Submit button. If you have filled out form correctly, our TEPs should get back to you asap with quotes. If you don’t hear from anyone or only one quote within 48 hours, it is possible that none of our TEPs are available for your event. If this is the case, please contact us directly and we will do all we can to help you.