Face painting can be a nice addition to any event.

Here’s some questions to ask your face painter you may not have thought of.

    1. Are your face paints hypo-allergenic? – This is big. Allergies are a growing problem for the younger generation and some are life-threatening. If someone is going to to be putting paint on the faces of children at an event it is important to make sure they are safe. If they face paints being used don’t say hyper-allergenic, then they most likely are not. You can also check the with the FDA as they have a list of safe additives for face paints, make-up etc… here’s the list.
    2. Will you be Covid-compliant? – Face painting post-covid will be different. It is important to ask if the face painter will know the latest guidelines and be willing to follow all protocols set by your area.
    3. How do they handle long lines? – Ask any parent who has young kids and mention face painting and they likely will talk about waiting in long lines! Face painters need to have plans for moving quickly through long lines. They may need to resort to more simple and quick designs.
    4. Will you need to hire more than one face painters? – Try an estimate how many kids will be at your event. Then estimate how long each will take. It is likely that just about all children and even some adults will want face painting if it is offered at your event. This relates to previous question of long lines. If there are too many people for only one face painter, some people will not be able to get painted because there simply isn’t enough time. Having enough face painters for the duration of the event will help leave everyone happy.
    5. Do you bring your own supplies, table, chairs, etc.?  – Most face painters bring all their own stuff. However, some to don bring chairs, a table, and other supplies. This may be a problem if there are limited chairs or other people are using supplies the face painter may need.
    6. What is your pricing? – Some may charge per person, per event, or both. Some may charge extra for addtional add-ons. Make sure prices include paints and all supplies needed.
    7. Do you have a sample board for people to choose what they want? – Ask how they will choose the design they want. Some face painters bring a board will samples of their designs. Others have QR code on poster that you can then access samples through their phone. Make sure you have wifi/cellphone access if they use this option.
    8. Will you personalize your designs? – Personalized designs may be difficult if it is a large event. However, for smaller event, it might be nice to be able to ask for specific designs if the face painter is willing. As long as there is time, face painters might enjoy this if they have the time to get creative.

Before you decide on a face painter, make sure you ask these questions. Make sure they have plenty of references and check their pictures/video of their work online before making your final decision.

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