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About Us

Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about Talented Event Professionals!

The Birth of TEP 

TEP idea: In 2010, Kevin McCarthy was booking a holiday vacation for his family when he realized how easy it is nowadays to book flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. He realized you can fill out one form and within a few clicks have a variety of choices based on your needs – competitive pricing, various options, etc.  As a professional entertainer, booking agent, and TEP himself for over 20 years, he provides a variety of event services. At that time, he was also very busy with a variety of shows including weddings, holiday events, company events, and school shows working directly with a wide-variety of clients.

As he was going through the steps of booking services for his vacation, he realized that there is nothing like this on the internet for events or event professionals. If you search event professionals out, each individually, you can book events and services online directly and there are agencies that book events and services. However, for events, the process is still very time-consuming and basically still done the old-fashioned way – search separately for what you want – and then decide to book individually what you want.

Our TEP, state-of-the-art concept – one form with multiple price quotes – has not been brought to events, until 2010!

In 2010, Talent Event Professionals was born! TEP has grown steadily throughout the years and is currently primed for critical mass. Big expansion plans are in the works for the upcoming years!

TEP Mission – Our mission is to help people (our clients) who are having events quickly find a variety of Talented Event Professionals and save them time, money, effort, by allowing multiple businesses to contact them with their services based on their needs. We also want to give our TEPs, with their businesses of all sizes, an opportunity to offer their services and businesses at no cost as well.

Our Name: As an event professional himself, Kevin understands many TEPs are often considered “vendors” and are sometimes treated as second-class citizens at events. Any event professional who has sat at the “vendor table” in another room at a wedding, eating cold subs and chips, can relate to this. He felt it was important to come up with a name that exemplifies event professionals and their talents. Talented Event Professionals explains exactly what he wanted this business to be about.

Our Team: We have an excellent team from all over the world!  This has been a labor of love with a great team all working toward the same goals and objectives. As we continue to expand, adding locations across the USA, our team is growing. If you would like to be a part of our TEP Team, please contact us – support@talentedeventprofessionals.com 

Our other services: In 1999, Kevin also started McCarthy Entertainment which provided a variety of entertainment services . This includes booking all of the entertainment at a busy downtown Western New York club for almost 20 years (with over 70 bands in headlining rotation and 5 sound guys). He is also the event booking manager for a cultural and heritage center in South Buffalo, New York. In addition, he has booked a number of event professionals over the years for different events. He then decided to merge McCarthy Entertainment with TEP.

Our Charity: A portion of our proceeds supports Inner-City & Rural Youth Sports Programs in low income areas that we serve – 100% of the money we donate goes directly to benefit these programs!

How you benefit: Save time, money and effort by filling out one Event Form and getting multiple price quotes – then you decide what you want and need.

How we benefit – We ask for a small percentage from our TEPs, only from those events that they are chosen for.  There is no cost to use it or be a part of it.

Thank you for your support of our TEPs and we look forward to helping you find TEPs for yours next event!

What if there was a website service that brought a variety of event professionals together with people who are organizing events with one quick, easy form?
That was the day TEP was born!

Talented Event Professionals

Proudly serving locations all over the USA!